DeVine Ukulele

Eric Devine- Custom Luthier on Maui
Here is a look/listen at two tenor ukes from Eric DeVine. DeVine uses his own form of Kasha bracing with many deviations from your average ukulele design. He uses amazing woods and has his own ornate purflings and detailed inlays. Here is a look at a Spruce top tenor with extremely curly koa back and sides.

This one has a quilted redwood top and Brazilian rosewood sides and back

Aloha friends. A hui ho!

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  1. Wow those are absolutely beautiful. With the hole placed like that, is it any quieter than having it placed in the middle like most ukes?

    1. Hi Marc..

      Eric has the soundhole on the right since he uses a hybrid Kasha bracing system…the soundhole can not be in the middle or on the left side….my DeVine is a Muse body..designed more for fingerpicking and better note separation…seems to work for me…
      Eric has a Kasha body design more for strumming and picking…

      I have an Englemann Spruce Top for better Mids and Highs….but the lows are nice too…..
      there is a lot of clarity to this uke and I have to say the Englemann Spruce top has a lot to do with it…..and the Southcoast HML-RW strings are really nice on this DeVine…

  2. Thanks Andrew for doing this video for me….the recording and pictures are super nice!!
    and Corey so good…..

    I got the next bottle for your special vault….haha

    have fun with your family at Waikaloa…see you soon!

  3. Mahalo Plentee Andrew, Jen and Len… wow amazing ukes for sure …loved it and corey play is soooo amazing too 🙂 I notice that on both videos he is playing the same style but in different keys….lens in F and Jens in G….and it was nice to hear the comparison in both strings also….gives us an idea which way to go when ordering….oh yes Andrew You are amazing too bruddah with your personality, kindness and big heart…also your amazing talent as photographer and video maker with excellent review..

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      I’ve had so many models to list lately. I just can’t get caught up. Between giving customers personal support and ordering etc I was just too exhausted to ponder these Hawaiian customs and share beyond the obvious. I’ll add a few quick thoughts. I thought they sounded very deep and rich. There’s a bridge truss system which connects the bridge and tail block, which is unique for the uke world. The intelligence involved is impressive. There’s a reason why Eric is a famously sought after luthier. I was just too busy to indulge.
      Thanks for stopping by anyway Daniel. Come to Hawaii soon. I owe you a few beers!

  4. Hi Andrew, I got my first DeVine last month. It’s an absolutely amazing instrument. I showed DeVine to my friends. My friend told me that Eric use “bridge doctor” design on it. The website ” http://www.jldguitar.net/warped_tops/fixtop.html ” explained how it worked for guitar. I noticed the soundboard is flat and rigid. The voice stands for a long time. Due to it’s a koa Muse model, I will ask Eric to build a redwood/rosewood tenor for my next one. Still need to wait 18 months at least…. XD

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