New Kala USA Made Banjo Ukes!

A new custom shop in Petaluma California

Kala has taken it to the next level. We know them for their imported ukes, which are an excellent value, but now they have a full blown 100% USA production with boutique level quality. Eventually, we’ll get regular ukes from their California shop, but first in are these two banjo ukes. One is a full maple shell and the other has a koa wrap.The woods are top notch. The hardware is North American sourced solid brass. The head is a USA Remo fiberskyn. So the materials are high quality, but hows it sound?

These are the best sounding banjo ukes we’ve ever had. Super warm vintage tones with tons of volume. Like a velvet glove over an iron fist, this extremely warm sound punches you in the face. It’s awesome! I think the ukulele market is ready for high quality banjo ukes. I wasn’t sure how I would like them but the musicality on these two banjoleles goes well beyond any affordable offering. When it comes to enjoying an instrument, this makes all the difference.

We’ll be posting these soon at our website. The Maple goes for a grand and the Koa for 1200. They include a very nice case you see in the pics.

So what’s your thoughts on these new Banjo ukes and Kalas new venture into custom quality?

Soon for sale at TheUkuleleSite.com

Learn more about Kala Brand Ukulele

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  1. Stunning looking creations, I own a very nice Kala long neck soprano ukulele and it’s a great instrument. I’m hoping to add one of these banjo-ukes to my collection in the future……..hoping!

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