KoAloha Black Label

This is a rare and unique “Black Label” tenor from KoAloha. Black Labels are instruments that are made by Paul Okami. Paul is the second generation master luthier at KoAloha. Just like his father, Alvin, Paul has the artist eye and musical ear.

What’s interesting is that even though Paul runs the KoAloha shop and the regular line of ukes they offer, his custom builds sound quite a bit different from standard production. He doesn’t use the “unibrace” construction, but instead builds with sort of a T bar bracing. I am not going to get in depth on the bracing but it is just to say that they are built different and you can hear it. While this still has the body and resonance of a standard KoAloha tenor, the black label has a darker tonality, a warm focus and a wonderful balance of rich sustain.

See more KoAloha at their overview page HERE.

Aloha friends. A hui ho!

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  1. We are vacationing in Hawaii this winter, and my Christmas present will be a new uke.
    “Dear Santa Clause,
    I’ve been very very good this year… ” 🙂

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