Moore Bettah- Artist Series

We have had the superb privilege of featuring some world class instruments here at The Review. But the ultimate is when we get to feature the custom work of Chuck Moore.

Moore Bettah Ukuleles are made 100% by Chuck Moore in a solar powered work shop in a remote corner of Hawaii’s Big Island. When Chuck first moved to Hawaii he lived on Molokai doing scrimshaw art (scrimshander). In a previous post The Art of Moore we show some of his scrimshaw work. Scrimshaw is carving ivory (tooth or bone sometimes) with a blade. Both of these new ukes feature this type of art with 40,000 year old mastodon ivory etched out to create dimension in the flowers on the spruce top model, and the wahine’s face in the all koa model. Chuck mentions in conversation.

The artist series can take me three times as long to build as a basic uke…. I sometimes think about these projects a year or two before I execute them.

Chuck’s meditation on art and lutherie has become a gift to the world and it’s our honor to showcase it. We consistently have the best ukes in the world (The Ukulele Site).  But once in a blue moon we get some Moore Bettah Ukuleles from the adroit and audacious Chuck Moore. And they are glorious! For those that can afford one, they are worth every penny (and more).

Aloha friends. See more MB Video Blogs Here A hui ho!

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  1. Chuck is the best….I have been so lucky to see many of Chuck’s latest work in the past 9 months..thanks to Andrew for letting me see them…
    I too am amazed at how Chuck can keep putting out great Ukes…that not only are beautiful but the tone is right on…

    I am convinced Chuck is the master builder of all Koa ukes..none others sound like a Moore Bettah…..

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      Nice, true dat Len. Warning: If you get a Moore Bettah, you become Len’s Moore Bettah Brutha. 😀

  2. Love both ukes , whats not to, but the Macassar Ebony is my personal choice . I would sure like a chance at something like it sense he’s not taking orders last I heard

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      Hey George! Thanks for dropping by. You will be living on the Big Island now, so go visit my hero and tell him I say MAHALO!!

  3. Hey Len, why you say Chuck is the master builder of all koa ukes? I think he builds the best in any combination woods…hear the spruce / milo and spruce / ebony ukes!

    1. Haha…hey Daniel you think too much…my Moore Bettah Brother…..:)

      I think my Milo/Spruce MBU the best ukulele ever made the tone is right on……but when it comes to all Koa ukes Chuck is way ahead of everyone in tone/sound no one is close…The Moore Bettah tone…..

      I am lucky enough to play every uke that comes to HMS non better than Chuck’s ….but it is only my opinion…..

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