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Paul Hemmings plays Jazz and Blues music in his own prolific style. The fact that he is using an ukulele to do that is an afterthought. Before you hear ukulele, you hear classic jazz and blues expressions, emotional and thoughtful music. Paul Hemmings is a musician that I truly admire and enjoy. Perhaps you feel the same way, but if you haven’t already been turned on to this ukulele player then you are in for a treat!

This New York City musician represents the ukulele in a way that makes us proud. That’s why I am posting this. Paul has a Kick starter with about 2 weeks left. Please go there! Watch the video and read his write up. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/uketet/the-blues-and-the-abstract-uke
Believe it or not, an entire album can be recorded without ever getting released. Here is the reality of the situation in Paul’s words-

Now that the recording side of things has concluded, it’s time for mixing, mastering, artwork, CD manufacturing, and then distribution, publicity, and promotion. All of these things cost money, of course, which is why I’m launching this Kickstarter campaign. In recent years, crowdfunding platforms have changed the way that countless albums have been made by offering independent musicians like myself an opportunity to directly connect with potential backers to secure funding for their creative projects.

So I come to you now to ask for your support in bringing this labor of love to life. The $8000 budget will go toward studio fees, mastering, disc duplication, and paying my musicians. If we exceed our goal, the remaining funds will go toward publicity and promotion. But please keep in mind that every Kickstarter campaign is an all-or-nothing proposition – if we don’t meet our goal we don’t get to keep any of the funds raised.

I hope you’ll consider lending your support to this project and help me get The Blues And The Abstract Uke out of the recording studio and into the world.

Again, please go to the kickstarter and see what you can be a part of just by pre-ordering an album of great music! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/uketet/the-blues-and-the-abstract-uke

At this last NAMM show I ran into Paul and put a few mics on this duo with Gaku. For a recording in in the midst of the NAMM show mayhem, I was so happy to have put a little stereo mic setup in front of these two masters. Gotta listen to these again, Paul is a jolt of energy, my favorite kind of musician. Please support the arts by pre purchasing an album that will be a real treat. If you like these live jams I recorded at NAMM you will be in bliss listening to this studio album with a full band of top notch NYC session players! You can make a difference and actively support good music. Go to the kickstarter link and check it out. Aloha!

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