New from Moore Bettah Ukuleles!

At the far east corner of Hawaii’s largest and oldest island there’s an artist in a solar powered shop making ukuleles that just epitomize what I consider to be great tone. Chuck Moore’s instruments always have their own unique voice. Very balanced, not boomy, but rich and with a sparkling sustain that really captures you in the sweetness of the sound.

This is a dry, unaltered stereo recording.The strings on both are Southcoast HML-RW but any strings would sound great on these instruments. Oasis, Fremont, and Worth are also excellent choices. These two instruments were also recorded under the exact same circumstance (mic placement, levels etc.) So it should be a fair comparison but remember there is more than just wood that differentiate between these two.

What other design features should be factored into this comparison? Soundhole size and placement, and headstock slotted or flat. Did you like one more than the other? What differences do you hear?

Either way most of us should be able to agree that Moore Bettah is not the most sought after custom ukulele for looks alone. It’s the tone! You’re not just paying for art. Both professional and aspiring musicians are inspired by the quality of sound, the feel, and the beauty of Chuck Moore’s instruments. Here is two classic examples that arrived today. Listen on quality speakers or headphones to hear true tone.

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  1. He never disappoints .The ” not so basic tenor ” is a beauty as always . I’m leaning to the spruce / milo , mostly because I have nothing like it . I assume the bracing must be different from a centered sound hole .How much are they going for now?
    Let’s hope the lava flow nearing Pahoa , I believe is closest town to him , doesn’t reach any where near him

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