Pepe Romero Series 5 in 3 Wood Options

Today Pepe Romero hand delivered these 5 series 14 fret to body tenors. The 5 series has top of the line woods (as you can see), and usually abalone purfling going around the top, and a super fat abalone rosette, but this koa one is the first of it’s kind and features a unique wood rope purfling and rosette.

All 3 that Pepe brought us are truly gorgeous instruments with a powerful sound that I love. Pepe’s 14 fret to body instruments have an extra vibrant tone with great note clarity even when played lightly. So here’s some pictures and videos with the talented Corey Fujimoto sampling these 3 very special instruments that Pepe just brought us. Share any thoughts or questions in the comments below. Aloha!

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      Hi Henry,
      Yes LaBella are stock strings. I actually prefer a fluorocarbon sound on them but the LaBella’s sound good too. The Spruce Koa had a Fremont low G on it as well.

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