Ukulele Restring Tutorial – 4 Bridges & 2 Headstocks

Many of you already restring your own ukulele, and of course there is more than one way to string a uke, but could there be beneficial techniques you are not aware of? Is it possible that they could improve your overall experience by minimizing issues like string slippage, breaks, or even potential intonation problems?

Joel is a key member of our team. He’s a methodical and intelligent young man that has most likely set up more ukes than anyone of any age. Not only that, but he studies best practices and learns from other experienced luthiers. If you can take the time to watch this lengthy video and concentrate on what is being shown, you can most likely take away something to try as you restring your ukulele. If something passes too quickly for you, it will most likely be shown again at a different angle. Hope this is a useful reference for stringing techniques from the head of our setup department here at The Ukulele Site.

Let us know with any questions or share your experience below. Also, we now have a support center where me and Joel as well as others in the ukulele community answer questions and share our expertise. Visit our new Support Center. Mahalo!

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  1. Thanks Joel and The Ukulele Site for this detailed explanation. I am now feeling far more confident when it comes time to re-string my slotted headstock uke. I’ve watched other videos; this one is by far the most helpful.

  2. Thanks for the essential info , for those of us with more than a couple of ukes you just don’t string one kind enough. I’ve been loosening the strings and doing one string at a time , so I can copy the string next to it , nice to see how to improve. Had to go to u tube to max the screen ,helpful for those us visually impaired folk

  3. Hi Joe, Wish I have asked you to change the strings when I was at your shop.
    Wish this video was available at the time I made strings change on the Kaneila’s . It was quite a challenge for me.
    Thank you. This is the best demonstration ever ! MUST BOOKMARK THIS PAGE.

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