Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel’s GHS “Artist Curated” Strings

These two incredible musicians have been working with the folks at GHS and designed these new string sets to best suite their style. Maybe you will like them too. They are available now at our store here GHS Artist Curated.

Sarah’s is a Low G tenor set with monofilament nylon strings and a fluorocarbon low G. Craig’s set it actually tuned like a baritone but reentrant, so high D G B E. This is a special set to play a tenor size at this lower tuning and still project clearly.

In finding their sound as a duo Craig decided to take it down a 4th to the key of G (dGBE). This gives his accompaniment a more mellow attack, but with reentrant voicing. This compliments Sarah’s punchy linear set in the classic ukulele key of C (GCEA).

Craig and Sarah are both playing their custom DaSilva ukes. As you can hear, the tones blend perfectly as do their vocals. A beautiful rendition of an Alison Krauss song from Chee/ Maisel (You guys nailed it!). These two also have a killer new website. Check it out- http://www.cheemaisel.com/

Also learn more about these strings at the GHS website on these pages-
And look out for them at our store and online at The Ukulele Site.

Share your thoughts or questions below. Enjoy~

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  1. This is great news … I will be putting an order together for some of these strings, along with some others.

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  2. I was given a set of these by Sarah and was reluctant to use them thinking, “Oh, those are the strings that come with cheap ukes”. I was wrong.
    I’ve tried many fluorocarbon string sets only to have them sound dull or quiet so I gave these “Artist Curated” strings a try and am now a convert.

    Helpful hint: They come with a little plastic blob at the ends. Don’t rely on these blobs to hold the strings in the bridge, especially the A string. Add another knot.:-)

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  3. I like having a DGBE set for tenor. I cobbled something together for a Kala tenor just from extra sets. It’s great sound for a tenor; I’ll be looking for the GHS set. Thanks

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