Hoffmann ML Concert and Tenor

Did you know that there’s an insanely talented ukulele builder in Missouri? I didn’t either until recently. Jerry Hoffmann offers something different and beautiful, in both look and sound.

The Hoffmann ML has a dominant mid-range and really interesting overtones in the sustain. That uniqueness is what’s so appealing to me. The sound has more “color” than your average custom. They do have the sweet, rich tones you expect in a high end uke, but not as “guitar like” as some. Probably because it’s not built like a small classical guitar. It’s not a world apart and it still a fan braced top, but these definitely take a turn or two from the common.

Jerry has some pretty unique concepts on building, but they are rooted in the science of acoustics, as you can hear. And what you get visually is an artistic twist from the norm. Something that might not appeal to every ukulele player, but to me, these two ML’s have a magnetic attraction!

One of the most out of the box aspects of these ukes are their neck joint. It might not be something most consider but I always look at the quality of the neck joint. These may appear less substantial because of not having the normal acoustic heel, but I can assure you, this neck joint is more than solid . These ML necks are built like an electric and the entire neck locks into a massive heel block that curls around that area where the neck and body join. So they’re not the lightest build, but they are also not the heaviest, not even close. They have a a good balance, weight wise, and I would describe the neck as as a medium D shape. I set them up just under 2.5mm at the 12th fret and they’re easy to play with a sound I love…take a listen. If you use a quality playback source you will here the voice most accurately.

Our sound samples are recorded for true reference and have no alteration or enhancement. Use quality playback for the most accurate listening.

See more Hoffmann at our Brand Overview page on him HERE.

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  1. Beautiful sound samples, thank you Cory! Gorgeous coloring of the wood, especially back and sides show a beautiful texture! Absolutely in love with the unique design!! How is the playability above the 12 fret? Does it need very advanced playing-skills or can a beginner/intermediate player grow into it?

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    They play like butter all the way up the neck. They aren’t priced like a beginner uke but they would serve any level of player well. Thanks!

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