Two Amazing Moore Bettahs

Moore Bettah is a famous custom ukulele brand made entirely by Chuck Moore in a remote and beautiful area on the Big Island of Hawaii.
I believe he is now creating what will be known for many years to come as a golden era of quality from an extraordinary artist and luthier. We are happy to share these incredible instruments/ works of art.

Noah Campbell runs our store in Haleiwa along side Aaron. He’s experienced, helpful and an inspiring member of our crew we’re gonna start recording more of. Stop by the shop if you can or call him at the shop during business hours at (808)622-8000. He’s also at noah@theukulelesite.com.

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We decided to take these down the road to record at the the pier in Haleiwa. If you haven’t been to Oahu’s north shore you gotta come see us! World famous beaches and hundreds of different ukes to try!

Fellow Big Island Artist Kris Fuchigami Samples these tenors by Chuck Moore!

Aloha, from Hawaii

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  1. Thanks Andrew……

    It was a good for me to hang with you, Noah,Zach and Daniel at Haleiwa Beach……I can not ask for much more…the ocean.mountains.cool tradewinds blue skies etc.. and listening to the Moore Bettah ukes..

    Thanks guys


    1. Post

      Mahalo Len and also Daniel for giving us a hand. So lucky to have you great friends.

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