Moore Bettah Spruce/ Macassar Custom Tenor

Most of us already know and admire Chuck’s work so I’ll just touch on a few points here and you guys can get to enjoying the video sound samples with Kalei as well as the photos of this world-class tenor ukulele.

First, I have to mention that this wood combination of Adirondack spruce and Macassar ebony is quite a magical combo, especially on Moore Bettahs. Kalei loved the clarity all the way up the neck. He also
commented on the balance, full body, and warmth this uke has. One of the things I remember him saying was, “I can’t believe it sounds like this brand new!” He mentioned this because, like many of us, Kalei has experienced that spruce — especially Adirondack — often takes a while to sound “open.” And for it to sound this “open” right off the bat is truly impressive.

What else? Well, it plays like buttah. Yeah, I say that about every Moore Bettah. But it’s true! So here is something different from anyone we’ve seen: this is the first koa arm bevel. Looks awesome, right?! The whole instrument is bound in master grade curly koa. There is so much to adore here, the striking Macassar ebony, the custom curly koa rosette, a perfect gloss finish, and many more details provide exquisite beauty all the way around.

As far as the inlay goes, I will just mention that no one does what Chuck does. I’m referring to the art of scrimshaw along with marquetry to create shaded dimension and picture-style images that are uniquely the artistry of Chuck Moore. It’s like my dad (owner of Ko’olau) says, “He’s a trip.” What he means is you can really trip out on the art and craft of what Chuck Moore does. It’s always an honor to showcase Chuck’s work. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Big Mahalos to Kalei!
Learn more about Kalei and his incredible music HERE.These videos were recorded with transparent mics and passed through an AD converter with no compression or reverb. Listen through quality speakers or headphones for the best listening experience and most accurate tone.

Aloha, from all of us at HMS. Share a thought in the comments below. Mahalo!

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  1. Another amazing ukulele from Chuck Moore. His inlay artistry is incredible and truly unique. Add to that the phenomenal tone and precision craftsmanship and you have one very special uke. And Kalei sure knows how to make it sing! Congrats to its new owner.

  2. Mr. Moore does a world-class setup and this ukulele has low action without buzzing and a carbon fiber rod in the neck to ensure it maintains that perfect feel. Having an ukulele this easy to play with this wonderful of a sound is very special.

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