New Blackbird Ekoa Tenor + Shop Tour Video

Aloha friends! Zachary, Corey, and I went to Blackbird Guitars in San Francisco yesterday. We visited with Joe and sampled the new Ekoa Tenor prototype. The production model will be lighter and Joe says it will also be more resonant. Regardless, this new tenor sounds awesome and feels great!

I’m a big fan of this material (Ekoa), and now we have a traditional shaped tenor that delivers the killer tone we suspected it would, based on the Clara concert. This video is a quick first edit. I am traveling and only had my laptop and a few hours to throw this together, but when I get back to Hawaii I will do the final version and upload it here. In the meantime I thought you guys would want to see and hear this new instrument. Hopefully it does some justice to a really exciting new model we should have available within a few months. Aloha and thanks for checking it out. Share your thoughts in the comments and let us know with any questions.

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  1. Very excited that Blackbird has come out with a tenor. Two questions. Would it be possible for you to do a sound sample in high g with both picking and strumming? When, and how, can we pre-order? Thanks!

    1. Hi Dennis,
      We have 10 on order, with and without fingerboard radius and with and without pickup. We aren’t taking pre-orders but can get your info and contact you when they arrive. When we get them we will do high and low g samples.

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