Shop Tours & NAMM Videos

We are back now from our travels to a few shops in California with some our favorite uke makers and the NAMM 2016 musical instrument trade show. We still have a few more videos to put up but I figured I would start a page with these videos accessible from the home page menu under the Reviews and News tab. This page will grow throughout the year as we do all the K brand shop tours again and more. We might cover a recording process or artist. And we also plan to go to the Big Island to cover what Kanile’a is doing with their reforestation efforts and maybe visit with Chuck Moore.

We are back to the grind with real work now but these videos are passion projects and we hope you enjoy them, that they are educational, or at least interesting, and we want to thank you for your support so that we can afford to take some time here or there and cover these aspects of our business to give you an inside look and a chance to experience great builders and artists. So mahalo for that and here is the link to the page – Shop Tours & NAMM.


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