Episode 1 – Intros, Ukulele Pickups & More

This was our first “The Ukulele Review” Podcast. All the episodes can be found on iTunes HERE. The podcast is an informal discussion with Joel, Zach, and I about ukulele and more. We regularly study the ukulele market and products available. For the last 5 years the three of us have worked together to run The Ukulele Site where we set-up and ship out 20-30+ ukes a day along with the accessories that go with them. Our experience comes from playing them, setting them up, comparing them, trying them with various strings and tunings, and regularly working with our customers and getting their feedback.

This first podcast we focused on ukulele pickups. We did a review HERE before and we also sell these with included installation while you buy a uke at our retail website HERE. In the 2nd half of the discussion we give short samples with a number of different pickups that we offer. Hope this helps and gives you some more info on this topic. Of course there will always be more innovations to this area of the market so stay tuned for more offerings as we are regularly trying different things and often working with the companies that are making them.

At the end of this episode we cover some common questions we get so if you aren’t that interested in pickups you can skip that section to the last 15 minutes were we talk about choosing sizes, strings staying in tune and more. Though some of the talk might be chalked up to useless banter we hope some of the content proves to be useful as you grow your knowledge of the instrument and options available. Future podcasts will also feature guest players and builders. People like podcasts to listen and learn something while they are doing something else so we just offer this as another piece of the puzzle for the resources we offer. We aren’t doing sponsors or trying to monotize this in any way but you can support it by going onto iTunes, subscribing and rating. Mahalo!

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