Episode 11 – Starting to Improvise with Kalei Gamiao

With this podcast we started to film the podcast. We won’t always do a video of the podcast but with ones like this it really helps to see what Kalei is doing to best pick up on how to benefit from what he teaches. Even though you might already know about the things Kalei is teaching it’s still cool to see it in action and some of the exercises he shows might be fun for you to try.

Btw, Kalei works up at the store in Haleiwa now on the weekends when he isn’t out of town gigging. So feel free to contact him there or stop by. Most weekends it’s Corey and Kalei up at the shop so I can’t imagine having more talented and friendly guys to help our customers understand their options and choose a great uke.

Feel free to ask questions or comment here and we’ll try to help as best possible. Mahalo!

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  1. Thank you HMS, Corey and Kalei for all those great teaching and inspiring. Apart from learning all those great songs, improvising is something that was missing in my uke skills, as Im always strugling to becomme a better (good 🙂 ) player. This will sure help me out. Keep up the good work, also with the demo’s, really useful.

  2. I have been a podcast subscriber since their launch, and am a devoted fan. The redesigned Resource Center makes it easier to find and access them, and see which ones have a video (a great way to check out the instruments and see them being played). I took this opportunity to revisit a few. #11 on improvising with Kalei and Zach is a favorite…gee, scales never sounded so good!

    Each podcast has something different; it’s just plain fun to spend some time hanging out with these guys, hearing about the music, this community of talented craftspeople and musicians.

    In addition to the main topic, the sessions always evolve into something that’s more like a visit among friends who genuinely respect one another and love what they do. It’s been a pleasure to listen to these. I’m tickled that my husband has chosen to listen with me; he often picks-up things that I miss and now is encouraging me to consider an upgraded instrument.

    We’ve learned about Hawaiian customs and history, and even some interesting books (like “The Hidden Life of Trees.”) It’s always a surprise. You just have to love these guys; they are so genuine. What they are doing most resembles being ambassadors for a whole lot of joy! Thanks to TUS!

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