Episode 12 – Do it Yourself Ukulele Setup

So we were thinking this might be a useful subject to cover. We understand many of you have ukes that were not setup to play and sound as great as possible and thought we could share some tips that might prove to be useful for any guy or gal handy and willing to give it a shot. Let us know with any questions here and we’ll try to help. Mahalo!

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  1. A major reason I purchased from the Ukulele Site was reading about and watching the video for the setup. I’m a novice guitar player, and have learned how important a good setup is. I’ve seen articles on the importance of buying from a trusted guitar store vs big-box online store to get a good setup if you can’t do your own. Even after paying over $100 each for a full guitar setup at a local shop for 2 guitars I previously bought from a big box store, there was string buzz afterwards on one. I took it back in, and they cranked the truss rod an 1/8 and handed it back to me. The bridge they used for the upgrade didn’t fit the slot properly and was the wrong radius. The 2nd guitar had extremely high action because they didn’t sand the bridge down and I just could play it. It’s a nice Gibson and sounded horrible. I was a beginner and didn’t know exactly what I’m paying for, so trusted the pro and figured the problems were my lack of ability. After learning from articles and videos, I made the bridge and truss rod adjustments myself, and what a difference. Explaining everything you do and showing it in the videos is very helpful. Now if I choose to pay for a setup, at least I know what I’m paying for and what to expect, and I will feel more confident in my own work when I do that. I’ve ordered my first ukulele from your store, and I’m more than happy to wait the extra days before it ships for the setup. Thanks for taking the time to make these types of videos.

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