Rebel is a small team of experienced luthiers and creative designers located in Thailand. For the past 5 years they have been making some of the most unique and wonderful ukuleles you will find. They use only high quality instrument grade solid woods and are regularly experimenting with progressive techniques and styles. Beyond the artist designs that we admire is a line of ukes with exceptional tone and feel. These are some of the finest musical instruments that we have had the pleasure to share.

When we first got Rebel ukes we did a review of them that introduced Peng, the founder, and the concept behind his line of instruments. HERE.

This page gives an overview of the models that have become the most popular options from Rebel.

To see our current inventory and more information see the Rebel category from our store HERE.

Alchemist Spruce/Mahogany Top Rosewood Tenor

This run of custom tenors featured a spruce and mahogany sounboard, an armrest for extra comfort, and a slew of side ports that open up the tone even more. It is bound in mahogany and has rosewood sides and back. Peng gave his thoughts on this models design. (He’s a deep thinker)

“‘Hybrid’ was the unofficial name of this model when we started working on this project. We wanted to find the tone that is unique by eliminating the limitation of each individual tone wood. Being creative and exploring alternatives were our top priority. We’ve studied how the woods and bracing patterns affect the tones and always looked for the so-called “ideal tone”. The process of making this ukulele was to achieve the unseeable things – the Rebel tone. We made a hypothesis, tested it, and proved it. We did it by trial and error again and again! Just like a chef looked for a new taste in each dish he made, he tasted the dish when it was fully cooked.”

Peng continues, “The picture of ‘Alchemists’ slowly appeared in our mind as they played a significant role in the development of early modern science – the dawn of the new era. While the rest of world were still in the dark, the alchemists slowly pushed the world forward. We honor them as they were the very first group of “rebels” the world has ever known. We stand on the shoulders of giants. Hence, the official name of this model “Alchemist” is our hope to play a part of the transition to the next generation.”

These are “raw” sound samples with no compression or mastering. Use quality headphones or monitors for most accurate sound.

Livingston Cedar Rosewood Tenor

This is another limited edition tenor model from Rebel. It has a beautiful western red cedar top, striking Indian rosewood sides and back, a tasteful slotted headstock, a scoop cutaway, and an ebony beveled arm rest. It’s bound in curly koa, and is protected with a gloss lacquer finish. It also has a unique and beautiful inlay along the fretboard of shore birds in the flight and a a turquoise rosette represents the waves of the ocean.

The attention to detail and precision craftsmanship make this one of the nicest ukes ever. On top of that is the powerful tone, incredible volume and excellent balance.

Livingston Spruce Rosewood Tenor

Yo, the design expert at Rebel said this regarding the Livingston,
“When I was a kid, I remembered reading a book. It was about a seagull whose love of flying sets him apart from the other gulls. He challenges himself by practicing to fly higher and faster every single day. Far out at sea, he practices steep dives into waves, spreads his wings and hits the wall of water. At one point, he’s expelled from the flock because he was just too different and too rebellious.

Coincidentally, the Rebel logo is also a bird. This is a perfect fit! The story of the seagull represents our vision and philosophy. “Livingston” is the name of this model. It was named after the book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” written by Richard Bach.

We’ve experimented with the idea, shape, tone, bracing and processes. We leave everything behind to start anew.”

Supernormal Spruce Rosewood Baritone

The “Supernormal” is Rebel’s first baritone and it’s a fantastic instrument. Big warm tone with dynamics range and punch, exquisite design and craftsmanship, light in weight and smooth play-ability are some of the features that make this new baritone so enticing. Rebel owner Peng had this to say,

“We wanted to keep it simple yet elegant. We believe simplicity is the timeless elegance.”

It does have very clean lines with beautiful woods, a glassy thin finish, and tasteful appointments. On top of that the tone is incredible! Certainly one of the best sounding baritones we’ve ever experienced. Also the feel is top notch with a 12″ radius fretboard and a relaxed 19″ scale.

Just as supernatural transcends nature as we know it, the Supernormal Rebel takes the baritone beyond what we normally see, to a refined and almost feng shui like design.

N.E.O. Spruce Top Rosewood Tenor

N.E.O. (Not Even Original) “It is better to be good than to be original.” once said Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, German-born American Architect, 1886-1969.He’s the person who made “Less is more” so well known.

Thus is the concept behind this line of spruce rosewood tenors. Rebel has made around a dozen different models in the NEO line all with different sound holes and bracing.

Creme Brulee Super Concert

This is a new offering from Rebel of all mango ukes. Right now they are making a soprano and a super concert and this is the super concert model, which is a concert size body with a tenor length neck. The weight is light and balanced with a resonant body and gotoh 4:1 gear ratio UPT tuning keys.

Cheesecake Super Concert

Solid spruce top, solid mahogany back, and a beautiful gloss finish to protect and show off the woods. Ebony fretboard with unique maple fretmarker inlays, and Gotoh UPT 4:1 geared light weight vintage styled tuners. It feels great, looks beautiful, and the sound is something we love.

Alchemist Jr.

The Alchemist tenor was very loved and now they’ve made an Alchemist Jr. which is a short scale mini soprano. Another one-of-a-kind from the artists at Rebel. Stay tuned for more to come from one of our favorite makers, Rebel!

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  1. I absolutely love Rebel ukuleles! I’ve purchased a couple through The Ukulele Site and their description of TheRebel brand and ukuleles is spot on. These ukes are all esthetically beautiful, have wonderful tone and projection, and are among the easiest playing string instruments I’ve ever played. For example, the Elysium is truly a work of art (with the coolest headstock ever), NEO is so rich and versatile, and the Creme soprano has volume galore.

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