Imua is the newest of the main Hawaiian ukulele companies. It’s only been going for the last 5 years but is headed by Jorma Winkler who has been involved in the Hawaiian wood business for many years. Jorma is a fourth generation wood supplier and in 2002 he started Winkler Woods to supply luthiers and fine wood workers with quality koa, mango, and other exotic Hawaiian hardwoods.

10 years later he teamed up with renowned Japanese luthier Shinji Takahashi to design the Imua ukulele line. Imua is made 100% in Honolulu Hawaii by a small, dedicated group of luthiers. These instruments are light in weight with excellent balance and feel. The tone is classic Hawaiian and the build quality is very clean. Take a look at some of these models featured and also check out what’s in stock currently at the website here- Imua Ukulele.

Koa Soprano Gloss

These are “raw” sound samples with no compression of mastering. Use quality headphones or monitors for most accurate sound.
The Imua soprano has a classic Hawaiian tone and is made with beautiful Hawaiian Koa. Most Imuas we get are specially ordered with Gotoh 4:1 gear ratio UPT tuners which adds to the balanced light weight. Their gloss finish has gotten better and better and they now offer one of the most professional looking instruments in Hawaii.
Soprano size is closest to the original ukuleles made here in Hawaii at the end of the 19th century. They have a special tone and feel and I suggest everyone have at least one good soprano! Why? Because they’re fun!

Koa Concert Natural

This concert sized Imua featured is their “natural” finish. This gives a sweet “woody” tone and feel. Over the years they have gotten this finish down and they now have a very clean look. The concert is a nice balance between classic soprano tones and the strong projection of tenor. This Imua concert model gives a high quality solid koa ukulele made entirely here on the island at a very reasonable price. Check our website for this one and you’ll find a wonderful value.

Koa Tenor Natural Tenor

Imua is a fairly new brand, but they are not new builders. Shinji is very highly regarded for many years as a top notch luthier and Jorma knows more about koa than about anyone. This is a local company making a professional quality instrument and we are proud to support them. This instrument shows precision and quality at a great value for a Hawaiian built koa tenor. Beautiful in look and sound!

Koa Tenor Gloss

This is the new gloss finish tenor from Imua and it’s a glassy finish that shows it off perfectly! Beyond the beauty, it has a great sound and wonderful intonation. Imua’s are generally slightly smaller with their sizes from most. To me, they’re more reminiscent of Japanese ukuleles like Kiwaya. They are very comfortable in feel and they continue to get more and more impressive in tone.

Koa Tenor Cutaway Natural Finish

You rarely find local made ukes with cutaways but many people love this feature that offers easier access to the highest range on the instrument. Imua offers a venetian cutaway like this or the sharp cutaway, florentine, for a reasonable upcharge.

Milo Custom Tenor

This is a beautiful custom Imua made with a rare and expensive Hawaiian milo wood. It’s bound with curly koa and finished in high gloss. Stay tuned for more customs from Imua!

Jorma Winkler and Shinji Takahashi

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  1. Hi guys and just a quick one. What is the cost of the Koa Tenor Natural Tenor (third down on the right) it has a lovely tone and I would love to own one of them. Also, Please thank the guys for their playing; it is so marvelous to hear them- like a mini concert every time they play- and all for free!!
    Ma halo,(I think)
    Jay Dunning
    (Perth, West’ Australia)

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