LFDM is the acronym for Luis Feu de Mesquita, an amazing luthier from Ontario Canada. We have featured Luis and gone over some of the features of his building style here – 3 Amigos! – LFdM Ukulele Review – and here – The 2014 LFDM Custom Tenors.
We get a batch of LFDM usually only once a year but they are always fantastic in look and sound. If you have been lucky enough to get your hands on one of Luis instruments then you know the sonic quality and wonderful feel. We usually sell out right away but let us know and we can put you on a wait list and let you know when more arrive. Aloha and enjoy this look at a few more incredible ukuleles from one of the best builders in the world.

Cedar/ Mahogany “Amigo” Petite Bouche Tenor

These are “raw” sound samples with no compression of mastering. Use quality headphones or monitors for most accurate sound.
This custom tenor has a western red cedar top and one of the most beautiful curly mahogany sides and back you will find. It also features some of Luis’ nicest appointments including a slotted headstock, side sound port, and an arm bevel.

Spruce/ Ziricote “Amigo” Tenor

The first tenor on this page had the “petite-bouche” oval sound hole. This one is the D shaped largter soundhole and you’ll find it on most LFDM’s. You also see with this one the same classy features but with different woods. The spruce soundboard is a top choice for many given it power and tone, and you can probably appreciate the extra striking Ziricote sides and back.This wood is a Central American wood the same density and tonal character as Brazilian Rosewood but even more awesome to look at.

Spruce/ Cocobolo Petite Bouche Tenor

This classic LFDM has a sitka spruce top, cocobolo sides and back, koa Binding and arm bevel, Spanish cedar neck, ebony bridge and fretboard, bone nut and saddle, and is protected with a water-based bio friendly finish. The deep tone is accentuated with Southcoast Low G set, HML-RW.

Redwood/Rosewood Tenor

This ukulele features a sinker redwood top and rosewood sides and back. Sinker redwood was buried for many years and the sediment at the river bottom acted as sealant and kept these logs preserved over the past century. It’s like regular redwood but with a unique coloring, a lighter weight, and excellent strength. As you can hear it also makes a fantastic tonewood.

“Grand Amigo” Baritone

This is a gorgeous new offering from Luis. The Grand Amigo is a baritone ukulele (D-G-B-E tuning), but has a two inch longer scale and a larger body compared to most baritone ukuleles. The result is a baritone like we have never heard before. Amazingly huge, warm tones and awesome sustain. The voice is both strong and sweet with a full balance across all frequencies. On top of that you get an amazing feel with a radius fretboard and “Laskin” arm bevel.

Thank you for checking out these beautiful ukes from Luis. Contact us to see what available and see more at our web store HERE.

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  2. Hallo, please send me a message, when you get Ukulele from LFDM.. i have one of him (Tenor,Engelmann Fichte with Cocobolo back and side-amigo of 2017. I love that ukulele to playand want to by a new one.. Baritone ist possible to.. Do you sale the LFDM with bearclaw spruce,african wenge,amigo 88 ?
    Pleas give me an answer. tHank you. With best regards Peter

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