Kala Brand Ukuleles have been bestsellers in our store for many years. I believe they are the best selling ukulele line in the world market at this point. This page shows a variety of ukulele offerings from Kala ranging from custom instruments built entirely at their headquarters in Petaluma to import models that excel in value. To see all the current models available at our store visit the Kala Category HERE. Also we did a podcast interview with Mike Upton, owner of Kala, and you can listen to that HERE.

At the beginning of 2016 we visited their workshop and made this video-

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  1. Kala ukes are a great value, and a quality instrument. I have the “travel soprano” and the solid spruce/ovangkol tenor, with of which are superb instruments at their pricepoint. The travel soprano is, as its name suggests, a great little travel companion (and one with spot-on intonation!). The spruce/ovangkol tenor is a bright and jangly tenor, with just the right amount of bass to balance things out. Beautifully crafted, and a pleasure to play…

  2. I love my spruce too, rosewood back and sides Kala. It’s the first uke I got and sings like a dream.. About a year ago, I A/B’d it next to a well-known custom uke and preferred the sound of my Kala, producing a louder, sweeter tone. Of course, the more expensive custom played like butter, but for the price pint I don’t think you can go wrong with a Kala. It a great daily player.!

  3. I bought a Kala from you guys a year ago. It still looks great and plays beautifully.

    Thank you so much!

  4. I love, love, love Kala instruments. My very first use was a spruce top tenor cutaway. I put brown Worths on it, and it is still my very favorite instrument. The sound is crisp and clean, the action is perfect, and it stays in tune all the way up the neck. Since that first purchase, I’ve bought four more Kalas (a Marcy Marxer, an eight string, a six string, and a tenor resonator), a five string Ohana, a custom Mya Moe resonator, and a Gold Tone banjolele. I probably play the Mya Moe most often, but the one I love the most, and the one that I think has the best action and tone is still that first spruce top Kala. It’s the one I always go to when I’m sitting around the house playing. And it was probably the least expensive one I bought! Kalas are not the cheapest brand out there, but they are, I think, absolutely the best value uke you can buy. One of these days, I’m going to have to get one of the travel models…

  5. There are so many different styles and colors that are very appealing that a customer is able to pick and choose their style. The consistent sound across the board enables a player to express their style without giving up quality.

  6. Love my spruce top, just wish I could play it like they do in the demo video. Guess I just need a bunch more practice. Great company to deal with. They missed a minor accessory and had it sent out the next day.

  7. I am the proud owner of 2 Kala Ukes and a Kala UBass. I think that they offer the most bang for the buck as well as offering an incredible variety of beautiful sounding and looking Ukuleles. My Spruce Top Tenor was my first purchase and continues to get better with age. It has a full, rich sound and is a joy to look at and play. My Koa Concert with Slothead, Cutaway and Pickup is incredibly beautiful, so fun to play and I always have a hard time choosing between the two.

  8. Oh my goodness! I am super excited to see the cedar top ziricote! I have a cedar top acacia and I was going to get my sister the ziricote for her birthday. Now that I see that they’ve combined the two, I may have to go that route instead! It’s so pretty!

  9. A friend at work highly recommended your store and website. I finally decided to upgrade from my entry level Cordoba, so I visited the site. I was immedaitely pleased at the wonderful selection and I purchased a KALA KA-ASAC-S ALL SOLID ACACIA SOPRANO on a Blowout price.

    I highly recommend the Kala line and I am saving up to purchase another. Kalas are well built and wonderful instruments. If I had to do it all over, I would have started my journey with a Kala ukulele.

  10. I purchased a Kala-KA-ASAC-T-Solid Acacia Tenor-Oasis OH-18- w/Canvas Hard Case March 2015. The selling point was the process of inspecting and tuning my new ukulele before shipping. I had it tuned with a low G string. It sounds beautiful. I am very proud of my Kala uke and play at several Uke Jams around the St. Petersburg, FL area. Thanks so much!

  11. I recently purchased a Kala Zircote Concert (KA-ZCT-C) from The Ukulele Site. I was a little skeptical of the quality of ukulele I could get for $200ish dollars, but I am pleasantly surprised. The craftsmanship and gloss finish of this Kala ukulele is exceptional. The ukulele is light but feels solidly constructed. Most importantly, the ukulele is easy to play and sounds great. The nylon strings are easy on my fingers and the tone is brighter than I expected. The ukulele stays in tune very well. Overall, I am impressed with what Kala has produced in the lower $200 range. This ukulele feels and plays like a much more expensive instrument than it is.

  12. I bought a Kala SMHT from the Ukulele Site last year. It was a great value for the $$$. I added a hard case and a MiSi pickup. The install on the pickup and the setup of the ukulele were both perfect. The Kala plays and sounds like an instrument that costs twice as much.

  13. Kala makes nice Ukes, but the company is terrible when it comes to dealing and talking with them.

    There are a lot of companies out there making nice Ukes, better then Kala, do yourself a favor and stay away!

    Kala makes mistakes, then makes excuses about their mistakes, then runs you around in circles for a long time, and then blames you and tells you to go away, I am not joking!

    Their customer help and support is the worst in the industry! If you went through what I did, trust me, you’d never deal with Kala again!

    So for those looking to buy Kala, well, you are taking a chance if you have problems!

    You’ve been warned!

  14. I’ve purchased 3 Kala’s from HMS. Great ukuleles all! I highly recommend Kala for quality, sound, and affordability. MY ziricote soprano is bright and punchy. My ziricote concert has a low-g which I just love. I can’t say enough about the HMS special Kala cedar top ziricote tenor which I chose the low-g set up. Thank you Kala, Andrew and the HMS crew!

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