Corey Fujimoto

We have tons of videos with Corey. Well over 1,000 actually at our Vimeo Channel because he does so many sound samples. And you can see many of them at the various posts here. But we’ll feature a few together here.

This is a dry sound sample for a Ko’olau T100.

The recording is “dry” because that’s how we do our sound samples. I don’t compress or master or anything like that so the levels might be a little lower than your average music video but we do this to retain as much of the true and unique quality of sound that each instrument has. Enjoy and mahalo for watching. Ko’olau CS-

Andreas is visiting from Berlin Germany and when he stopped up at the store in Haleiwa he worked out this arrangement with Corey and then they came back to our workshop and recorded it. Andreas is playing an LFDM and Corey his Ko’olau.

This is 17″ tenor scale 6 string. Pitch like a guitar with a capo at the fifth fret. Sounds like an ukulele with guitar capabilities.

A few new Moore Bettah ukuleles (made by Chuck Moore on the Big Island) arrived so we decided to do something beyond the normal sound samples for them we will put up at our Vimeo channel. They sound and look so awesome! Corey and Kalei run our shop in Haleiwa while the rest of us work on ukes and helping customers for our online site http://theukulelesite.com. I can’t imagine better guys up at the shop to help and inspire.

Tabs and sheet music for this at the Sheet Music section here. Collings tuned up a step to the key of D.

ommy Emmanuel version of Somewhere over the Rainbow onthe Kanilea GL6, a guitalele or mini guitar tuned up to ukulele pitch. So A-D-G-C-E-A or like a capo on the 5th fret. We have done a few videos with the GL6 so check out our website for that and hundred of more demos and lessons.

This is played on a tenor size solid mahogany Pono with a high G koolau Mahana set.

Corey is also full time at our store – The Ukulele Site up in Haleiwa on Oahu.

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  1. Love Corey’s adaptations of popular songs that I never knew could be played on the ukulele! Can’t wait to learn how to play all of it!

  2. If only I had 1/10th of his talent ……. Thanks to Corey’s videos, I decided to learn how to play the Ukulele and have never looked back since. 1 year + too many ukuleles and still counting!

  3. I bought my Kala from you guys and I love it. I had the person doing the setup sign the back of it also. When we visited Hawaii last year we stopped in your store on Oahu. Cory was kind enough to play for us that day. He truly is awesome! I only wish I could have gotten the Pono electric that I saw hanging up with the wrong price on it, 178.00! They said who’s handwriting it was but I won’t mention him here. LOL. Much mahalo to you guys, I will buy another Uke some day and it will be from The Ukulele Site!!!

  4. Corey, you are a true inspiration!
    Your playing is genuinely moving and your technique is beyond amazing!
    I’ve learned a whole lot from listening to you and watching your videos.
    Thank you!

  5. I listen to Corey’s recordings of ukuleles that I have no interest in, just to hear him play. One of my favorites is his comparison of five KoAloha (which I do have interest in) sopranos and concerts. Only a true artist could take a pop tune like “1, 2, 3, 4” and make it something beautiful.

  6. Corey, your video of the top 9 tenor ukuleles under $200 is beautiful to listen to.

    Your video has over 445,000 views. To me, your rendition of Tommy Emmanuel’s Digger’s Waltz sounds better on a ukulele than Tommy playing on a guitar.

    Please post your ukulele tabs of the Digger’s Waltz.

    I would love to play your ukulele version of this song.

    Thank you!

  7. Corey is such a talented man. We met him several years ago and were so impressed with his playing. Everything he plays is just magical. I’m glad we can call him a friend now too.

  8. Enjoy your music Corey and appreciate the availability of TABS for some of the pieces. Been working on “Do You” by Yiruma for months now. Probably more challenging than my current skill level, but is pushing me forward. I notice you have another both fingerstyle and strummed version of this piece on Vimeo. Has that been transcribed and available somewhere? Listen to your CD frequently to just chill out. Thanks.

  9. Thank you Corey for your amazing work. Always looking forward to the next video. I feel like I’m channeling and learning my fret work a bit tighter watching you as an artist. Cheers brother!

  10. I don’t know his back story but he sounds like a virtuoso, making any uke sound great and always a pleasure to listen to anything he’s playing.

  11. Corey’s playing is so inspiring. I listened to so many of his videos on The Ukulele Site while trying to pick out a uke. Once I narrowed it down to my top three, I emailed The Ukulele Site to help me narrow it down the rest of the way. Imagine my delight when it was Corey that emailed back to answer my many questions! I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I even bought a second uke for the hubby!

  12. Corey is the reason I started playing ukulele. I originally wanted to learn piano, but due to the amount of traveling I do it I would never be able to take one with my to play. I researched the smallest/ best sounding alternatives to a piano and eventually came across Corey’s covers of Bach and Yiruma. They’re phenomenal! Although I’m not nearly as good, I’ve been hooked his tutorials ever since. He’s a truly inspiring artist!

  13. It’s been quite a while since the last update of the TABs section… I’m so dying for some new tabs of Corey’s play. Those vimeo clips are so great and Corey is absolutely the best to me!

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