Taimane is a Kamaka artist and performs regularly in Honolulu with her band and around the world sometimes too. She also writes and produces some great music so keep in touch at http://taimane.com/

This one is an original instrumental recorded acoustic (just mics) and on a mahogany Pono baritone tuned B F# B F#.

Taimane’s custom Kamaka tenor is a 5 string with two low G’s!

This is Taimane’s band, Jazzy Jazz on guitar, Windy Weather on Violin, and Jonathan Heraux on cajon. Like a group of super heros and their music is original with intense energy!

Taimane with Windy Weather and Jazzy Jazz-

We’ll leave you with this instrumental jorney. Enjoy and stay tuned, hopefully more will come to this page.

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  1. Its mesmerizing to watch her play Mercury. Sometimes I feel that its impossible for my fingers to play any fast and then I watch that video to remind myself that it is truly possible. Thanks for sharing some motivating stuff for a beginner.

  2. She is incredible. I was mesmerized through all of Neptune’s Storm – I love the sound of that baritone. And I’m still such a beginner it never even occurred to me that a person could change the tuning like that! I have a tenor, and I specifically bought a tenor because I knew it was the upper size limit for my tiny fingers and because it has the fuller sound. I’m still stuck in the chord phase of learning but I want so badly to someday be able to play like this, or I’d even be happy with “slack key ukulele” as I call it. Music with more depth than just the chords. Slowly but surely, I guess.

    Thanks for posting videos of all these amazing artists! It’s really nice to be able to just watch them play, without distracting angles or shot changes or other such things that you tend to see in music videos. Being able to clearly see hands moving is educational in itself.


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