Kalei Gamiao

We have Kalei on many of the sound samples here and at our website (The Ukulele Site). He’s also in a number of our podcasts you can find here and shares plenty of good info with customers at the shop 5 days a week (when he’s not on tour). Speaking of which, if you want to see where he’s going to be playing, or check out some of his fantastic albums, go to his website here – KaleiGamiao.com

We recorded this live at Happas, in Anaheim California when we were there for NAMM 2017 playing his cedar top deluxe Kamaka tenor.Back story on this uke, it’s one that Kalei sound sampled for the store and subsequently had to have. This is Kalei’s original Mach 4, quite an intense composition for solo ukulele if you ask me.

Another original instrumental from Kalei but this one we recorded purely acoustic and he’s playing his Kamaka signature tenor with a bearclaw spruce top and Brazilian rosewood sides and back.

Almost 5 years ago now but still a fun recording with Kalei utilizing a looping pedal. The loop on the ME-70 Boss pedal I believe.

Another solo looping. By this time, as you can see, Kalei is using the Digitech looper.

This recording was done with a combo of stereo acoustic mics and cutting in the pickup through the amps out. It showcases the technical prficiancy and emotion that Kalei plays with.

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  1. He did the sound bite for the Baritone K-1 Kanilea I purchased. I listen to it everyday. I hope that I will be able to do it justice like that someday soon. He is an amazing musician.

  2. Kalei’s instrument demos are one of my favorite things about looking at ukulele here! He’s amazing!!!

  3. Kalei was one of the first artists I listened to after looking into Ukulele. The sound he can produce inspired me to buy a Ukulele. Some of my favorite sound samples come from Kalei and I ended up purchasing a new ukulele based on a small video he was a part of. I hope one day that I can play just a fraction as well as he can.

  4. Kalei was one of the major influences in my shopping when I was looking for a Ukulele. I often found myself just listening to how beautifully he plays, and forgetting that I was supposed to be analyzing tone. Phenomenal player.

  5. REALLY enjoyed the recordings of Kalei!! Wow!! He plays so beautifully on that custom made Kamaka. The instrument is beautiful but the musician makes it sing. He is very talented.

  6. I don’t personally like playing solo but I love listening to soloists especially ones who use the looping technology so well.

  7. I’ve been playing music my entire life, mainly with a guitar, playing mainly rock and blues and have always enjoyed all types of stringed instruments playing all sorts of styles, but only recently discovering pieces played on this underrated ukulele. This gentleman has opened my eyes and ears to a new interest, for me, with his creative, passionate,and incredibly skilled playing of this diminutive little instrument, of which I had, never before, given much credit to. Thank you for your incredibly beautiful music and for opening my eyes to another wonderful way of expressing our emotions. I’m looking forward to hearing more of his creativity and undeniable talent in the future. I tip my hat.

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