Andrew Molina

Andrew is a Maui artist that stops by the workshop when he comes to Oahu. Often accompanied by Jay Molina, his dad, Andrew often goes for big classic rock and modern pop songs in his own uke instrumental way. He’s got some great originals too. Learn more about Andrew Molina at his website, http://andrewmolinaukulele.com/

This is an original piece from Andrew’s latest album. He’s accompanied here by Kalei (who he showed the tune to earlier in the day) and his dad, Jay, backing them up on guitar. The recording is entirely acoustic, Andrew and Kalei both playing Kamaka tenors. Kalei on his a cedar top koa and Andrew with his spruce top koa. Jay is strumming a Pono OM spruce/rosewood guitar.

Another original composition, this one from Andrew’s first album.

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  1. As much as I love Andrew’s playing, it’s the father/son duets that draw me in. They sync as only family can, and the look of pride on his father’s face when he looks over at his son’s playing is heartwarming. My father can’t play anymore, arthritis in his hands, but it reminds me of better days.

  2. Hi -came across your amazing version of sweet child of mine -on face book -listened then put my earphones on and listened another 5 times —your dad and you gave me 30.30min of absolute magic — I had shivers down my spine .so pleased I’ve found you .with love and a big hug from Scotland

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