Episode 21 – String Comparison with Thomas Streng

Thomas Streng from Germany stopped by and we got to know him and jam some too. We also do a string comparison half way through. Enjoy! The new Ko’olau Aho FLuorocarbon strings are HERE


Episode 3 – Comparing Blackbird Models

This is a discussion & sound sampling of the three main models from Blackbird ukulele. Blackbird are totally made in San Fransisco using alternative resources. Alternative to wood that is. Originally they just used carbon fiber, the material heard in the BTU tenor ukulele here. The newer models, concert Clara and tenor Farallon are made from Ekoa, a proprietary material ...

Listening to Ukuleles Online

From the beginning of music stores, the main thing that we provide is a place for people to hear, see, feel and acquire musical instruments. Ideally salesman are knowledgeable musicians that can show the potential or at least basic tones to those getting into it or share their experiences and of course the newest toys coming out to their fellow ...

At the Listening Booth w/ Andreas David

Aloha friends! This is another video for the listening booth and we had the pleasure of recording a very cool musician from Berlin named Andreas David. What we're sampling is 4 similar models in Pono's Pro Classic line. These are all tenors. We have spruce rosewood, then cedar rosewood, then spruce mahogany, and finally cedar mahogany. So if you are ...

Comparing K Brand Tenors

This short video shows three Hawaiian made tenors played back to back. These are the three main ukulele makers here in Hawaii, Kamaka, Kanilea and KoAloha. This is a "dry" recording, unaltered, just like all of our comparison videos. See more videos from "the Listening Booth" at our Review Section here. Sound is one of the main factors in choosing an instrument. All ...

9 Tenors under $200

This video review shows 9 of our best selling tenors under $200. I'll give a short description for each along with a link to our website which gives more details. This is a "dry" recording, unaltered, just like all of our comparison videos. See more videos from "the Listening Booth" at our Review Section here at TheUkuleleReview. Luna TT The ...

The Best Tenors from $500-$700

These ukes are fairly new models and they are my top choices for a tenor in this price range. You can sometimes find local builders in this price range but these are a notch above what I have seen. Heck, next floor up from some I have seen. When you lay down over 500 bucks you want a super musical ...

Two KoAloha Tenor Bodies Compared

KoAloha is a wonderful group of craftsman and artists making killer ukes here on Oahu. They began in the mid 90's when Alvin Okami, engineer, inventor, musician that he was, designed a unique instrument with a voice like no other. Because Alvin came from other fields of study, he had an entirely different approach to the support and resonance of ...

Acacia or Mahogany?

That's a common question and I find it hard to take sides. Pono is very consistent at this point. On top of that, these woods are a similar density. Both have a .54 specific gravity. The Mahogany is slightly lighter at 34lb/ft while Acacia is 42 lb/ft, and both are close to Hawaiian Koa which is approximately 41lb/ft and .55 ...

Pono and Godin – Tenor Solid Body Review & Compare

When I got into work this morning I saw a a new Ko'olau on my photo table. CE-2.. it looks like...Wait...it's not a a Ko'olau...This is the new Pono Tenor electric! A chambered solid body electric and it's so nice! I am truly ecstatic to see and hear the quality of this new TE model. These will sell for 649 ...