KoAloha Custom Solid Body Tenor Electric!

This is a 7 piece neck-thru solid body tenor from the ever innovative KoAloha company. Not only is it the coolest thing I've ever seen but the sounds you can get are endless! KoAloha knocks this one out of the park. How's Corey's sample?

7 Ukulele Highlights -NAMM 2013

The ukulele is popular for many good reasons. This was very evident at NAMM 2013. So many new makers!! This blog will show you some of the instruments that stuck out for me. What is NAMM?  It stands for National Association of Music Merchants, the main annual music trade show. 4 days of dissonance and claustrophobia.Still, I love it. Here's 7 ...

Keli’i Ukulele and Why We No Longer Sell Them

A year or two back I wrote a blog titled "The Truth about Kanilea". It was just a grabbing title because the conclusion of the review was that they were a great company. Which is what most of my blogs are about. I rave about what I like and try to refrain from negativity. I fear the day that I ...

The Most Beautiful Uke in the Room

This is a new instrument from the Ko'olau custom shop. It's a CS model tenor with an all koa body, koa binding, koa faceplate , and for the first time from Ko'olau, a one piece koa neck. In the past few years the CS has become my favorite model ukulele. Why? - #1 reason is the rich, sustaining tone and balance all ...

A Look into Ko’olau Guitar & Ukulele Company – 15 Years as Hawaii’s Custom Ukulele Shop

Much of Noa’s building knowledge simply came from growing up at Kitakis stringed instrument repair. He was changing tuners and strings at 10 years old.  As a teenager, he was already doing warrantied Martin neck-resets. Later, Noa attended schooling in Michigan with Dan Erliwine, and a few years after in California with Charles Fox. He had a passion for building. I remember him reading Guitar Maker magazine late at night and thinking up new ideas for jigs in his head.

Noa has studied and personally experimented with different tools, techniques, and materials. At the foundation of all great artists and craftsman is this pursuit of mastery. I have witnessed it first hand consume him and now am able to witness the results.