Ukulele Pickups – 5 Great Options

Aloha friends! This is something I've meant to do for a long time. I'm always busy with orders and listing new product, but last night I bit the bullet and installed 5 pickups in the same model Pono. I needed to do this for my own knowledge as well. I usually hear pickups in isolated situations, instead of a true ...

KoAloha Pineapple- Regular or Long-Neck?

Quite a few times I have had customers choosing between these two models. Same ukulele but the second has a concert length neck, 2" longer. So a longer scale gives a higher tension which will have a slight affect on the tone. In this video you can hear these two models back to back, same exact body but different length ...

HMS Listening Booth – Pono Tenor in Various Tonewoods

This is part of a new series of videos that we will offer for your comparison purposes. These are recorded with a Earthworks QTC-40. It is known for it's flat frequency response and for being accurate and uncolored. It is brought to level with an Earthworks ZDT preamp that is also known for it's exceptional transparency.  It is then recorded through a Apogee interface ...

Start With a Tenor – Top 4 under 400!

New players that come into the store or visit us online can feel overwhelmed with options. Where to start?  One way is to first determine the size. The smallest and original ukulele size is the soprano. Concert is slightly larger and loved by many, but the most popular choice, especially in the last few years has been the tenor. Why?  ...

Ukulele Strings

1.Aquila’s are the most popular and probably best in the tension/volume ratio. D’addario’s new version Nyltech , made in conjunction with Aquila, have a slightly higher tension but better articulation and often better intonation. I predict those becoming more popular as people try them.
2.100% percent Fluorocarbon. Many string companies, 100% same material……..


New Gretsch Ukulele- Review and Sound Sample

If I were given a million dollars to buy more ukes for the store… I would mostly just explore more custom builders.  Offering every affordable brand would be a disservice to your time, a roadblock to your  musical accomplishments, an obstruction to your enjoyment.  Too dramatic?  LOL!  Basically, certain models give a better value and that is what we focus on.

With that said, I’m here to tell you…this new ukulele line from Gretsch is