Makai LK-80J and LK-80W Concert and Soprano solid Cedar top ukulele

The Makai brand came out recently, designed in San Fransisco, and given the look of a vintage ukulele with rope purfling and friction tuners. The friction tuners have mixed reviews. It really depends on the level of tuner. The Makai has mid-range tuners. They are pretty good, but as you go up in price you can get nicer tuning keys, however, I am not sure as you go up in price you get much more volume out of a soprano or concert uke. These ukes are LOUD!! We at Hawaii Music Supply really love their design and the quality of the build. You can always put on geared tuners if want, but friction tuners do make for a light and balanced uke. These ukes are all about value. Solid cedar top is hard to beat in tone. Wood binding, a glassy finish, and a projection ready to challenge the best make the Makai LK-80 series top contenders in their price range. We are revamping the Makai page on our site but you can see more info at our ebay listing of the Makai LK-80W. or the LK-80J.    Aloha~

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