Kanilea Ukulele Shop Tour

In recent years Joe Souza and Bill Griffin have fused their¬† skills and brought the Kanilea Ukulele company to a unique and wonderful place. They have developed the TRU bracing system that is their own development in the balance of structure and resonance. They use a UV cured finish to speed the process of finishing which allows them to offer a beautiful glassy finish at a much lower cost. Joe is very kind and mellow, yet intense with his work as you can see from his instruments. He expresses a homage to the classic builders and styles, but also a gratitude for the technologies he has been able to implement that make Kanilea a new distinct sound in the ukulele world. Bill Griffin has been pushing the envelope with instrument making for many years, and now he has taken Kanilea to the next level. The two,¬† along with a great crew, are putting quality resonant ukes out for the world to enjoy. Aloha to the Kanilea crew, and mahalo for making the Hawaii Music Supply part of your Ohana. K, that’s half of the Hawaiian words I know… A hui ho!

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