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Leolani Ukes are among the various ukuleles on the market that are good for the budget conscious musician looking for a “real” instrument. They have a slightly fatter neck than the Kala or Lanikai ukulele. This is because they are handmade rather than computer cut. With that said, it amazes me how consistent the feel is.  These ukuleles, for the most part, have more bass in their frequency range than their competitors. For this price range ($50-$250), the Leolani Ukulele arguably has the “warmest” tone. We have been selling  lots of their new models in the store so I thought I would introduce some of them to you.

This is the Akoume Tenor. Akoume is an African wood used occasionally on high end guitars. Here is Aaron playing what may be one of the first songs you’ve ever heard on the Akoume Tenor-

Here is a similar Tenor,  but in Lacewood top and back and mahogany sides –

This is the Soprano in a gloss Zebra Wood –

This soprano is mahogany  with top and back binding . This may be the best deal out there for a beginner looking in this price range. (we sell it for $59.99!)

This one has been a best seller this Christmas. The comfort of a thinbody ukulele with a classy look. Comes with a nice padded gig bag for $159!

This is a few of the Leolani ukes we carry. Their is a Koa line and others you can see and hear on our new website. Aloha and thanks for reading and listening. We love our customers! Always feel free to call me or any of us at Hawaii Music Supply at (808-622-8000)~

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  2. Good afternoon. I am a big fan of Leolani Ukuleles. I own a tenor that I won in a contest that the company sponsored. I have not seen anything from the company or Kelii in a long time and I have not been able to contact him or anyone at the company, even from the website that is still up (leolani-ukulele.com) It seems as if they just fell off the face of the earth. I wonder if you may have any information about Leolani and Kelii.

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