KoAloha is one of our favorite uke makers. These ukes sound awesome and are a joy to play. This company started over 20 years ago from Alvin Okami and his sons. They came with an original approach to building. A unique design and structure with their signature "unibrace", a one piece internal bracing support for the top, back, and sides. ...

Moore Bettah

Corey and Kalei together sampled the last few that came in.



The Company For many years John Kitakis and Noa Bonk did mostly warranty repair for Martin, Taylor and other guitar companies. Occasionally they built custom guitars and other instruments. Seeing the need for a professional quality ukulele company, John started Ko'olau Ukulele in 1996. The shop was right at foothills of the Ko'olau mountains in Kaneohe. They later relocated to ...


See available Pono concerts HERE. s I did a blog write up on this video that you can read HERE. It goes into some technical info and woods and there’s some comments there so you can join in on the conversation and share your experience or opinion, or ask any questions. Also comes in spruce top, MTD-SP that Aaron reviews …