Thanks for checking out a short preview of Ono ukuleles. We occasionally get these in stock and you’ll find them at our website HERE.



Zanuck plays his Kiku as Kimo backs him up. Hope you enjoyed looking at these excellent instrument from Kinnards. Of course, there’s nothing like enjoying them first hand so keep a look out for more to arrive at our store here- The Ukulele Site- Kinnard.



Thank you for checking out these beautiful ukes from Luis. Contact us to see what available and see more at our web store HERE.



Kala Brand Ukuleles have been bestsellers in our store for many years. I believe they are the best selling ukulele line in the world market at this point. This page shows a variety of ukulele offerings from Kala ranging from custom instruments built entirely at their headquarters in Petaluma to import models that excel in value. To see all the ...


Imua is the newest of the main Hawaiian ukulele companies. It's only been going for the last 5 years but is headed by Jorma Winkler who has been involved in the Hawaiian wood business for many years. Jorma is a fourth generation wood supplier and in 2002 he started Winkler Woods to supply luthiers and fine wood workers with quality ...


Rebel is a small team of experienced luthiers and creative designers located in Thailand. For the past 5 years they have been making some of the most unique and wonderful ukuleles you will find. They use only high quality instrument grade solid woods and are regularly experimenting with progressive techniques and styles. Beyond the artist designs that we admire is ...


As Blackbird was coming out with the prototype Farallon a few years ago we went and visited them in San Fransisco to try them out and talk with Joe.


Pepe Romero Jr.

Music Guy Mic reviewed our first one here in 2011. We've been big fans ever since. Since that video we've had dozens of fantastic custom ukes from Pepe and a few of them were documented here in our blog articles-LINK:Pepe. Pepe now has an import line, one of the best options for a high quality uke in the mid-price range. ...

Hoffmann Ukulele

The Company Jerry Hoffman is a master craftsman and creator from New Haven, Missouri. He went way beyond the manual on how to build an ukulele and came out with wonderful innovations. Each aspect of his builds reflect inventive thought and development, and these ukes are built to project well and still last through many generations of joyful play. Hoffmann ...


Kanile'a is one of the popular local builders on the island. In fact we sell more Kanile'a in store and on line than any other high end ukulele brand. That's because they look beautiful, sound great, and while they aren't cheap by any means, they're quite the value all across the line. Joe and Kristen Souza run this humidity controlled ...