Joji Yoshida

These are “raw” sound samples with no compression of mastering. Use quality headphones or monitors for most accurate sound.


Maui Music

We have a featured builder page on Peter Lieberman's Maui Music line already from a batch a few years ago and you can see those models HERE. This is a look at a few of his recent build styles. Peter's always switching things up. He's putting lots of sound ports in these days, which just adds to the openness in ...

Romero Creations

The Mahogany line also comes in a Grand Tenor and the amazing Ron Artis plays a new original on his in our hotel room at NAMM 2017. Another recording from NAMM 17. Pepe Sr. playing a Pepe Jr. guitar and Daniel on the Koa Tiny Tenor. Check out more videos with Daniel at our artist category.


Cordoba Ukulele

We carry a few models from the 20 series all mahogany solid top series from Cordoba but mostly focus on their top tier uke line, the 30 series. This series was done with guidance from renown guitar and ukulele maker, Pepe Romero Jr. Their all solid wood instruments and while not "cheap", are still quite a good bang for your ...

Aaron Oya

Aaron is a custom builder on the west side of our island. He's one of our favorite guys, and our LR Baggs rep so he supplies us with pickups even more regularly tha ukes, but when we do get one of his it's always a wonderful tenor with full rich tone. Just what I like. Koa Tenor These are "raw" ...


Steve Grimes is a legendary guitar maker. George Benson, Keola Beamer, Willie Nelson, and many other professional guitar players have chosen Grimes guitars because they are awesome! Steve is a musician and and the way he voices and sets up his instruments shows a passion for the tone and feel that make an instrument great. On top of that he ...


Kamaka is the most famous and longest standing ukulele company. In fact they are the oldest family run business in Hawaii. Samuel Kamaka was building ukuleles from just after turn of the 20th century. He wasn't fully satisfied with the tone he was getting so in 1910, Sam Sr. left Hawai‘i on a ship and headed to Europe to see ...


Charlie Fukuba is a musician first and foremost and he builds for tone. His craftsmanship is excellent and the inlay is super cool, but we love I’iwi for the tone.



Oceana ukuleles are made by Zac Stiemle of Washington. Koa Soprano These are "raw" sound samples with no compression of mastering. Use quality headphones or monitors for most accurate sound. This instrument is based on the first ukuleles that were made with a one peice koa top and back and real rope binding. It also has a classic vintage uke ...


Here’s the latest one we got from Hive. Adi Spruce top mahogany- We’ll add to this page as we get more of these fantastic instruments from Jake Maclay. Reach out to us to get notification when we get another Hive. They’re a real treat!