Ko’olau CS – Sinker Redwood/ Hawaiian Mahogany

Today we were handed a new tenor from Noa at Ko'olau and it's quite impressive. The refinement of a Ko'olau really sets them apart. This is one of the lightest Ko'olau ukes I have played, partly due to the Madagascar rosewood and bridge. This wood is very light yet dense and has become Noa's favorite for the bridge and fingerboard. ...

New Kanilea Tenors – Hawaiian Beauties!

We just picked up some tenors from Kaneohe’s famous uke makers – Kanilea. The Kanilea company has been refining their design and articulations the last few years and they are surely at the top of their game. Joe Souza and Bill Griffen head a killer team of builders and finishers that are putting out a great value on a pro level ukulele.