Comparing K Brand Tenors

This short video shows three Hawaiian made tenors played back to back. These are the three main ukulele makers here in Hawaii, Kamaka, Kanilea and KoAloha. This is a "dry" recording, unaltered, just like all of our comparison videos. See more videos from "the Listening Booth" at our Review Section here. Sound is one of the main factors in choosing an instrument. All ...

Bettah Daze

I remember when I first met my wife. She came over to Ko'olau's workshop and I was playing bass with my band. I loved the sound of her voice and couldn't stop thinking about her. The next time we saw each other was at a party where we left together and went to Kailua beach park. We sat at an ...

Two KoAloha Tenor Bodies Compared

KoAloha is a wonderful group of craftsman and artists making killer ukes here on Oahu. They began in the mid 90's when Alvin Okami, engineer, inventor, musician that he was, designed a unique instrument with a voice like no other. Because Alvin came from other fields of study, he had an entirely different approach to the support and resonance of ...

Pono and Godin – Tenor Solid Body Review & Compare

When I got into work this morning I saw a a new Ko'olau on my photo table. CE-2.. it looks like...Wait...it's not a a Ko'olau...This is the new Pono Tenor electric! A chambered solid body electric and it's so nice! I am truly ecstatic to see and hear the quality of this new TE model. These will sell for 649 ...

A New Concept from Daniel Ho – Acheived by Pepe Romero

For the last 15 years Daniel Ho has been a major force behind Hawaiian music and the ukulele renaissance. I could list all of his awards and hit albums but you probably already know. Basically, Daniel is the man. A musical mastermind and an intelligent business man. Pepe Romero is a highly acclaimed classical guitar builder who rocked the uke world a few years ...

HMS Listening Booth – Pono Tenor in Various Tonewoods

This is part of a new series of videos that we will offer for your comparison purposes. These are recorded with a Earthworks QTC-40. It is known for it's flat frequency response and for being accurate and uncolored. It is brought to level with an Earthworks ZDT preamp that is also known for it's exceptional transparency.  It is then recorded through a Apogee interface ...

New Gretsch Ukulele- Review and Sound Sample

If I were given a million dollars to buy more ukes for the store… I would mostly just explore more custom builders.  Offering every affordable brand would be a disservice to your time, a roadblock to your  musical accomplishments, an obstruction to your enjoyment.  Too dramatic?  LOL!  Basically, certain models give a better value and that is what we focus on.

With that said, I’m here to tell you…this new ukulele line from Gretsch is

The Cordoba Tenor

Most guitar players know Cordoba from their super nice Classical guitars. That is how we first got to know of them. For years we have been completely sold on the value of their guitar line. Beyond looking great they sound…great. Cordoba has factories in Spain, Portugal, and Asia. I have always been most impressed with the Portugal factory even though their most expensive guitars are built in Spain. The Portuguese are a musical bunch. Living on the islands you learn that. Heck, the Portuguese invented and brought over the first incarnation of the ukulele.