The Best Tenors from $500-$700

These ukes are fairly new models and they are my top choices for a tenor in this price range. You can sometimes find local builders in this price range but these are a notch above what I have seen. Heck, next floor up from some I have seen. When you lay down over 500 bucks you want a super musical ...

The Cordoba Tenor

Most guitar players know Cordoba from their super nice Classical guitars. That is how we first got to know of them. For years we have been completely sold on the value of their guitar line. Beyond looking great they sound…great. Cordoba has factories in Spain, Portugal, and Asia. I have always been most impressed with the Portugal factory even though their most expensive guitars are built in Spain. The Portuguese are a musical bunch. Living on the islands you learn that. Heck, the Portuguese invented and brought over the first incarnation of the ukulele.


Big Island Ash- My new favorite wood!

This Ash wood is grown on the Big Island, here in Hawaii, and has a vibrant look and a wonderful tone. The ash , to me, sounds like koa after being broken in for twenty years. It is just more open and comes through in a sweet frequency range that scoops some of the high mids and leaves the perfect ukulele sound.