Maui Music

Peter Lieberman formed Maui Music when the only "k" brand was Kamaka. On december 27 2000 a fire burned down his factory forcing him to close down. He was soon back to building, but instead of running another crew and factory production, he decided to be a one man custom shop and focus on the highest quality. Both the "pre-fire" ...

Maui Music Ukulele

Peter Lieberman started out as a guitar builder but for the last 20 years has been a premier ukulele maker. For a while Peter ramped up his operation and had three other builders working along side him. In 1998 Peter's shop burned down when he ignited lacquer fumes while cutting a door jam with a sawzall. He injured his hand ...

A Look into Ko’olau Guitar & Ukulele Company – 15 Years as Hawaii’s Custom Ukulele Shop

Much of Noa’s building knowledge simply came from growing up at Kitakis stringed instrument repair. He was changing tuners and strings at 10 years old.  As a teenager, he was already doing warrantied Martin neck-resets. Later, Noa attended schooling in Michigan with Dan Erliwine, and a few years after in California with Charles Fox. He had a passion for building. I remember him reading Guitar Maker magazine late at night and thinking up new ideas for jigs in his head.

Noa has studied and personally experimented with different tools, techniques, and materials. At the foundation of all great artists and craftsman is this pursuit of mastery. I have witnessed it first hand consume him and now am able to witness the results.

Kanilea Ukulele Shop Tour

In recent years Joe Souza and Bill Griffin have fused their skills and brought the Kanilea Ukulele company to a unique and wonderful place.


The guys at Koolau have somehow managed to make a Hawaiian koa ukulele at the price most of us here can afford.

Abe Lagrimas stops by the shop!

Abe Lagrimas Jr. stopped by our store, Hawaii Music Supply, recently .It is always a treat to see Abe so I was really happy to film him jamming in our acoustic room.