Pono TE & BE – the 2014 NAMM Pre Show

Pono's TE Options - Choose your Wood, Finish & Pickup  In the summer of last year we showed you this new model that would be coming from Pono. It is a solid chambered body tenor and we compared it with other similiar options on the market at this article- Pono Solid Body-Review & Compare. That one was an Acacia model with ...

Ko’olau Baritone CE for James Hill

This is the James Hill Ko’olau baritone CE sound sampled by the man himself! What James does with a distortion pedal and technique truly rocks on this uke! Love this guy!


Pono and Godin – Tenor Solid Body Review & Compare

When I got into work this morning I saw a a new Ko'olau on my photo table. CE-2.. it looks like...Wait...it's not a a Ko'olau...This is the new Pono Tenor electric! A chambered solid body electric and it's so nice! I am truly ecstatic to see and hear the quality of this new TE model. These will sell for 649 ...

The Godin Ukulele- MultiUke Review

Robert Godin began making guitars in 1972 in Quebec Canada. By the eighties he had a successful factory of talented craftsman and was doing great work, but for other major manufacturers. Never publicly acknowledged, but I believe the Martin Shenandoah Series guitars were made by Godin. Eventually he focused on his own brands with Godin being the most innovative. As ...