KoAloha Pineapple- Regular or Long-Neck?

Quite a few times I have had customers choosing between these two models. Same ukulele but the second has a concert length neck, 2" longer. So a longer scale gives a higher tension which will have a slight affect on the tone. In this video you can hear these two models back to back, same exact body but different length ...

Islander Ukulele by Kanile’a -Video & Review

It can get overwhelming at times, trying to make the right decisions.  When buying an ukulele, considering it, or even looking at the market for friends, there are many choices in the 1 to 300 dollar range to consider. So where do you go to to find out the real scoops. Duh, Ukulele Underground. But often people’s recommendations are based …


Ukulele Review – Best Soprano Under $60

Just made it by a penny ! In at $59.99 this new Leolani Mahogany Standard has some impressive stats – Bone nut and saddle!!, quality geared tuners, an attractive mahogany body, and Aquila nylgut strings. Another nifty attribute is the 14 frets, two more than other soprano’s in this neighborhood. So down on paper it has some impressive features, but the real question is- How does it sound?
While there are many quality brands now in this affordable range, the Leolani Mahogany Standard is setting a New Standard! Take a listen-