The Kanilea’s K1 Premium Koa Tenor – 2 Ukes reviewed (or should I say drooled over)

Kanilea’s models like these K1-TP’s are just ridiculous. I say that in the most positive way. I mean, look at these tenors. The best from god’s gift of Hawaiian Koa wood along with the special talent of a few master ukulele makers from our island creates a very desirable little instrument. These two were especially eye-popping. I think even wild …


Tenor String Review

In this video Aaron runs through 6 of the 20 or more string options you have with a tenor ukulele. The first set is the Kamaka all nylon. Aaron describes them as bright and loud. To me they are strong in the higher mid range, so you get a cutting, punchy, mid range tone. Very different from the Aquila strings brightness, which are sharper in the highest frequencies with a more scooped mid section. The scooped mid range is a common way to make an acoustic sound “sweeter”, but you lose a little body as you go. The two biggest factors are the way the instrument was built and the technique of the player. And even after that, the way a string affects the EQ of an instrument can not prove it to be better, because the best sound is still an opinion.


Ko’olau Curly Koa Cutaway

This is one of the finest instruments to come through the shop and so I wanted to share it with you. The Ko’olau ukulele sound has excellent body and balance. An instrument of this caliber gives a player the inspiration to attain a higher level of musicianship, and enjoyment! Corey here plays the Tenor Ko’olau in a few different styles …


Kala Travel Tenors Compared- Cedar and Spruce, Low G and High G

So with these two models the main difference is that one has a solid cedar top and one has a solid spruce top. Now keep in mind that each instrument and model is unique in how it sounds with different woods. One thing I have learned is not to assume the same woods will have the same sound in different brands and shapes. Still, I was suprised at how bright the cedar tops are. A little scooped in the mids and a wider range than we have heard in the travel tenor. Very dynamic!

New Kanilea Tenors – Hawaiian Beauties!

We just picked up some tenors from Kaneohe’s famous uke makers – Kanilea. The Kanilea company has been refining their design and articulations the last few years and they are surely at the top of their game. Joe Souza and Bill Griffen head a killer team of builders and finishers that are putting out a great value on a pro level ukulele.


The struggle with time….random thoughts and present ideas.

Like money, how we spend our time requires thoughtful consideration. Our habits of release and relaxation can be things that promote health and happiness, or they can be things that slowly deteriorate our body and mind. The attempt to master a musical instrument can lead you towards soul satisfaction that money never will. It has been well documented that money does not equate happiness.I know personally, our best sales days are not usually my happiest days. If I get time to enjoy playing music it makes a huge difference on how “settled” I feel. Just having the time is not enough, time can be used to worry about the future, or reflect negatively on the past. And you could spend all day being entertained with TV’s and computers but that leaves your creative mind dormant. Working on a piece of music, improvising, or even strumming and singing a tune brings you right here, now.

YOU can soon be enjoying the present tense with the sounds of a beautiful ukulele! Not because it’s gonna make you money, or because it will help “attract the ladies”. Haha, well maybe it could? But the point is, we play music because it is fun. We get better at it and that gives us a personal satisfaction.