Thank you for checking out these beautiful ukes from Luis. Contact us to see what available and see more at our web store HERE.


Pepe Romero Jr.

Music Guy Mic reviewed our first one here in 2011. We've been big fans ever since. Since that video we've had dozens of fantastic custom ukes from Pepe and a few of them were documented here in our blog articles-LINK:Pepe. Pepe now has an import line, one of the best options for a high quality uke in the mid-price range. ...

Hoffmann Ukulele

The Company Jerry Hoffman is a master craftsman and creator from New Haven, Missouri. He went way beyond the manual on how to build an ukulele and came out with wonderful innovations. Each aspect of his builds reflect inventive thought and development, and these ukes are built to project well and still last through many generations of joyful play. Hoffmann ...

Moore Bettah

Corey and Kalei together sampled the last few that came in.

Episode 10 – Beau Hannamm

Beau is a fun and crazy guy that builds a mean uke and we had him over when he visited Hawaii to talk ukes and more. You can see some of the ukes Beau has made for us here at the custom builders section. We don't often have anything to offer from Beau but let us know if you're interested ...

Episode 8 – Ryan and Noa from Ko’olau

In this episode we get to know the duo that builds the custom Ko'olau line. Noa's my brother and these guys work in the same building as us so we naturally sell a lot of Ko'olau but we truly respect these guys and the precision of their work. What they do is absolutely top notch and we'd be saying that ...


The Company For many years John Kitakis and Noa Bonk did mostly warranty repair for Martin, Taylor and other guitar companies. Occasionally they built custom guitars and other instruments. Seeing the need for a professional quality ukulele company, John started Ko'olau Ukulele in 1996. The shop was right at foothills of the Ko'olau mountains in Kaneohe. They later relocated to ...

New Blackbird Ekoa Tenor + Shop Tour Video

Aloha friends! Zachary, Corey, and I went to Blackbird Guitars in San Francisco yesterday. We visited with Joe and sampled the new Ekoa Tenor prototype. The production model will be lighter and Joe says it will also be more resonant. Regardless, this new tenor sounds awesome and feels great! I'm a big fan of this material (Ekoa), and now we ...

Two Amazing Moore Bettahs

Moore Bettah is a famous custom ukulele brand made entirely by Chuck Moore in a remote and beautiful area on the Big Island of Hawaii. I believe he is now creating what will be known for many years to come as a golden era of quality from an extraordinary artist and luthier. We are happy to share these incredible instruments/ ...