The Company For many years John Kitakis and Noa Bonk did mostly warranty repair for Martin, Taylor and other guitar companies. Occasionally they built custom guitars and other instruments. Seeing the need for a professional quality ukulele company, John started Ko'olau Ukulele in 1996. The shop was right at foothills of the Ko'olau mountains in Kaneohe. They later relocated to ...

Two Amazing Moore Bettahs

Noah Campbell runs our store in Haleiwa along side Aaron. He’s experienced, helpful and an inspiring member of our crew we’re gonna start recording more of. Stop by the shop if you can or call him at the shop during business hours at (808)622-8000. He’s also at noah@theukulelesite.com. See more MB video reviews here. Moore Bettah 1516 We decided to …


2 Kinnard Sopranos Reviewed

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Ko’olau CS Custom Orders – 3 Tenors

These are tenors ordered from the "Build a Custom Ko'olau CS" listing at our site here-. This is not even a gamble. These are consistently exceptional. They each have a different string set and sound sample so it's not a comparison blog. Just like to document my favorite ukes here. Enjoy~

Moore Bettah -Scoop & Bevel Hibiscus Tenor

I can’t say we will never get a Moore Bettah Ukulele that isn’t incredible in every way. Even monkeys fall out of trees sometimes. But that day is not today. This ukulele looks, feels, and sounds spectacular! It’s a real treat to show you this extra sweet masterpiece from Mr. Chuck Moore. Enjoy! Moore Bettah 1516 This gorgeous instrument is …


The Ever Evolving Chuck Moore

We always document Moore Bettah Ukuleles here because they don't make it to The Ukulele Site, our online store. If there is one at the online store it is a custom listing for a specific customer. Ukes like this will sell to someone that has been on a wait list that we have. I never know when we will get ...

Ko’olau Master Series – Orchid Dragonfly Brazilian Rosewood Tenor

Once every year or so Noa and John from Ko'olau design a one of a kind instrument for what they call, The Master Series. For this one they worked with one of the most famous and talented inlay artists, Larry Robinson. This concept started a few years back with just orchids but more recently Noa sent it back to Larry ...