Riptide Tenor ukulele Review

Riptide Ukulele is a fairly new series from Boulder Creek Guitars. This model is the EUT-11NS and has a solid Acacia top and laminate Acacia sides and back. It has electronics as you can see which feature an onboard tuner and EQ. This was sent to us by the company to sample and at first I wasn't thrilled. I'll tell ...

Ukulele Review – Best Soprano Under $60

Just made it by a penny ! In at $59.99 this new Leolani Mahogany Standard has some impressive stats – Bone nut and saddle!!, quality geared tuners, an attractive mahogany body, and Aquila nylgut strings. Another nifty attribute is the 14 frets, two more than other soprano’s in this neighborhood. So down on paper it has some impressive features, but the real question is- How does it sound?
While there are many quality brands now in this affordable range, the Leolani Mahogany Standard is setting a New Standard! Take a listen-


Best Tenor Ukulele under $200

We just got in the new Makai TK-65 tenor ukulele and the consensus here at the shop isĀ  that this is some serious value! The sound is balanced and the design is fluent with a soft venetian cutaway. Classic Martin style construction, solid without being heavy. The tuning keys are really well made and a bone nut and saddle are …

Sound Waves from Ko’olau-

For those of you not able to get to a store with these models, the next best way to check them out is with pictures and videos. This is a Ko’olau T1 Koa and C100 Hawaiiand Ash wood. Though Ko’olau at one point was more of a production line, they are now much like the custom shop they started as. With Noa Bonk building these from start to finish you get the continuity of a master builder sanding the woods and shaping the braces, all the way to stringing it up. Enjoy~


Ko’olau Curly Koa Cutaway

This is one of the finest instruments to come through the shop and so I wanted to share it with you. The Ko’olau ukulele sound has excellent body and balance. An instrument of this caliber gives a player the inspiration to attain a higher level of musicianship, and enjoyment! Corey here plays the Tenor Ko’olau in a few different styles …


Best ukulele for $300- Kala ASAC-T All Solid Acacia Tenor

What is the best ukulele 300 dollars can buy? Well, it’s not exactly a calculus equation anyone can prove, given the fact that personal taste and opinion exist. But we thought we would put our 2 cents in the pot anyway, and who better to judge than people that sell ukuleles every day, us. After discussing it at length, the Kala ASAC-T came out slightly ahead of the competition. As John Gonzalez, one of our guitar instructors put it, “The intonation is always on, and they sound good!”. With a nice looking slotted headstock and the swirls of pearl inlay on the fretboard, the look is right on point for what many people like. The Makai LC-80R was a close second and is also all solid wood -Cedar top, rosewood sides and back. It may have won, because the sound is HUGE, if it didn’t come with friction tuners . It may have also lost because it is a concert, and pretty much all of us here are bias to the tenor size, most of the time. Any ideas for reviews or ukes you were wanting to hear and see more of? Leave a comment.Thanks for the look. Enjoy the video!

Ko’olau Tenor CS – Sequoia Redwood- Kolohala back and sides

This wood is also called Pheasant wood because of it’s grain and colors resemblance to the Hawaiian pheasant. This beautiful piece was from a tree here on Oahu. It is a rare and expensive wood that Ko’olau has been using, when available, for over 10 years now.