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  2. After buying my baritone ukulele a while back, I wanted to tune it as a GCEA and this site is the only one I could find that sold the strings to do this. I bought 2 sets and love the way the baritone sounds! I’ve also bought several sets of Worth Strings for my wife’s 6 string Sonny D ukulele and it sounds great! I will buy all my strings from this site from now on!

  3. I am very pleased with my purchase of the Pono ATC-PC from this site. The employees are courteous, knowledgeable and very helpful and the Pono sounds fantastic and is easy to play. I added the Pono pickup and installation and set up was flawless. I have had many guitars but this is my first ukulele. I am very glad that I found this site and would highly recommend them.

  4. Why did I order Ukulele almost 5,000 miles from me? Because the Ukulele Site is the best! It offered everything I couldn’t get from my rinky dink local music store. The selection was amazing.I watched the pod casts. I watched the set up videos. I even tried the lessons. But what I liked most, I got to see exactly what I was getting, the care taken to make sure everything was perfect even before shipment was awesome! I found The Ukulele site because I was looking for a specific Ukulele, the Piha’eu Limited edition Hula Dancer Soprano, and they had it! My next Ukulele will be a Tenor, and I will not purchase it anywhere else. Besides, when I opened that box, I felt like I also received a little bit of Hawaii! Thank you!

  5. I have purchased seven ukuleles online from Hawaii Music Supply. That speaks for itself with regard to my respect for and satisfaction for this company and website.

  6. One of the most impressive things about TheUkuleleSite is the wealth of information they provide. Especially the videos of each ukulele model they sell. It really helps to determine if the ukes you are considering have the sound you are looking for. This takes some of the anxiety out of buying over the Internet.

    The setups Joel and his team do are world-class. So I know my new ukulele will play its absolute best when I receive it.

    Unfortunately, they haven’t discovered a way to allow us to feel the instruments and how they fit in our hands. 🙂

  7. Ive been fortunate enough to visit the hms store in person and what a treat it is to be in a store with so many ukes. I didn’t buy a uke in person, but I took the plunge and shelled out the big bucks for the kamaka anniversary tenor last year. I really appreciated the honest advice I was given over the phone-no hard sales pitch, just an honest response. I contemplated having hms install a pin for a strap. Even though it meant more money for hms, Andrew steered me away from adding this. He said if I really didn’t have a strong preference for a strap, it might be better not to mess with the anniversary model in case I ever wanted to get top dollar if I ever decided to sell my kamaka down the line. As is well documented, the uke arrived in excellent shape and the set up was as advertised. Of course, if you get a chance to visit the brick and mortar store, DO IT! It’s well worth it. But if you can’t, trust that hms will take care of you if you buy from them online as well. Happy strumming!

  8. I recently purchased a KALA Baritone Ukulele and Oahu Clip-On-Tuner from your company and could not be happier with the setup and superior service you provided. You came highly recommended by a friend, and now I see why. You really are the best.

  9. my kala acacia concert that I bought from you a few years ago is great. stays in tune, and your setup makes the action really nice and it sounds great!..

  10. The ukulele site is my go to place for all of my ukulele needs. They have the best selection of ukuleles, accessories, and equipment. I also enjoy their resource center where I can listen to some of their experts and obtain some new music. I am always looking at getting new players to learn the ukulele. The one site I always recommend is the Ukulele Site. Thanks for everything you do to support us UKE players!

  11. After searching the web to find information about ukuleles, I was directed to your site. Since I was buying my first ukulele, I was a bit intimidated by all the choices.
    By browsing through your site, I found just what I wanted – a Kala tenor! I am so happy with my purchase. I’m still getting acquainted with it and learning the basics, but I am so looking forward to becoming proficient. Thank you again!

  12. I bought my first uke through the Ukulele Site, a Kala KA-T. This was their cheapest tenor, but with their set up it plays better than my next two ukes that were more expensive and that I mistakenly purchased elsewhere and ended up having to pay more money for a proper set up. My “K Brand uke” that I bought straight through the manufacturer had a sub-par set up and I had to spend $75 elsewhere to get it right. Next time I’ll go straight to the pros so I can spend my hard earned cash and know I’m not only getting the best uke but not have to worry about quality control or paying more later.

  13. Had a Baggs 5.0 pickup installed. Very happy with work and the service. Checked out the whole uke and did extra at no charge. Sounds great. Top notch staff who care about their customers. Highly recommend.

  14. After searching all of eastern Australia for a decent baritone uke, I recently purchased a Pono EBSH(C) baritone uke from the Ukulele Site and had it shipped to me at northern NSW. This was a big leap of faith for me, but after exploring the Ukulele site web site and speaking at length with Andrew Kitakis, I was willing to take the risk and buy the instrument sight unseen… Turned out to be a great decision – this uke is just the best instrument – exceeded my expectations in terms of sound, play-ability and build quality. Thankyou Andrew for your great customer service and excellent web site.

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